Baala Balaga organised a trek to Kalkeri on 2nd of September. The Tourism Ministry of the school, which consists of one elected minister, a couple of students who volunteer, and a couple of teachers, decided to trek at this location because it is known to be a terrain that serves as an introduction to trekking for first-timers. Around twenty students from 7th to 10th standard and two teachers boarded a bus to Kelkari. Then, we walked for about 3 KM to reach the foot of the trek. On the way, we came across a beautiful lake. We collected some sticks that would help us navigate, and started walking uphill towards a tower. For some students, the trek was very easy, but some others struggled a little. As the trek was short, it did not take us more than half an hour to reach our

destination. From the tower, we saw the vast expanse of greenery. The Kalkeri View Point was definitely worth the trek. We gathered all the plastic waste around the tower, and headed back to the foot of the hill. After we had lunch and rested for a while, we walked back to the bus stop to find the bus already there. We returned to Dharwad tired and happy.


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